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All individuals 18+ years of age residing in the home must complete the following information


All individuals 18+ years of age residing in the home must complete the following information:

Submit a completed application
Undergo the applicable screening process
Provide necessary documentation including a valid government-issued photo ID
Pay a $65 non-refundable application fee Pay application fee
Each applicant 18+ years of age must pay a $65 non-refundable application fee online in order to submit a completed application.*

DRESA will not process an application without prior receipt of the $65 non-refundable application fee. All information submitted in the application will be used to determine resident approval and terms, beginning with a credit and criminal background screening.

*DRESA does not guarantee availability of the applicants’ desired property, and the application fee will not be refunded if the property is no longer available.

Await a representative for next steps
Each applicant will be contacted separately by a DRESA representative with application results and any applicable details on the next steps. DRESA must verify all information provided in the application before issuing a full approval, so please be prepared to upload supporting documentation with your initial application.*

*Although your application is valid for 30 days, the home will be placed back on the market if you are unable to provide the required information for income or identity verification.

Pre-lease with “Available Soon” (optional step)
DRESA provides the option to lease select homes before they officially hit the market. Specified homes marked “Available Soon” are not yet available for showings, however they can be Pre-Leased for up to five days after the home’s projected availability date.

A security deposit is required in full in order to pre-lease the home within 24 hours of approval. Please note that home availability dates are subject to change.

Set the move-in date
Your requested move-in date is contingent upon approval by DRESA and will be communicated to you accordingly. Approved applicants' lease start date must be within 10 days of application acceptance or sooner, depending upon house availability provided by DRESA

For Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) applicants (optional step)
The aforementioned application process pertains to HCV applicants as well, however HCV applicants will not be permitted to lease “Available Soon” homes as they are currently occupied, and DRESA cannot complete a Request for Tenancy Approval (“RFTA”) form as the available dates for “Available Soon” homes are uncertain.

DRESA receives all required documentation and determines that the requested home is within the appropriate payment standards and affordability, the security deposit must be paid in FULL. Rent reductions prior to the RFTA being sent are not optional nor guaranteed at any time in the process.

Further approval of the home is determined by the applicant’s eligibility by the Housing Authority, not DRESA. The move-in date will be determined after the home passes inspection and is approved by the Housing Authority and DRESA. Guaranteed move-in dates will not be given prior to this approval.

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